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Transparency International (TI) 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)

The documentation on the 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index is divided into the following parts:

» The Press Release. The official statement by the University of Passau.
» The TI-Press Release. The official statement by Transparency International..
» Sources. The TI CPI is a composite index. This document lists the sources that are used.
» Background Information. Answering the most frequently asked questions.
» Background Paper:The Methodology of the 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index. Providing a detailed description of the methodology underlying the CPI and the changes introduced this year (PDF-document). For this pdf-file you need the Adobe Acrobat Viewer.
» An interactive graphics depicting the countries' scores and confidence ranges.
» The Actual Data. The main table containing ranks, scores and further data for each country. All data for the 159 countries in the TI-CPI can also be retrieved in the form of an Excel-Sheet . This sheet provides data also for another 35 countries. Because there were less than three sources available, these 35 countries are measured less reliably and not included in the official list.
» Background Paper: Trends for Perceived Levels of Corruption. Passau University Discussion Paper, V-38-06. This background paper explain the trends for perceived levels of corruption between 1995 and 2005.